Student required submitting an essay ( business plan ) written in


·         To examine the critical factors that should be addressed in planning

·         To emphasize the importance of coordinating the business plan segments

·         To review key recommendation by enterprise development expert for the development of plan

·         To present a selective outline of an effective development business plan and the discussion of each required segments

·         To highlight growth and planning timelines in the preparation and presentation of the business development

·         To emphasize the importance of strategic fit for product development between the entrepreneur and management team

·         To improve critical thinking and writing skill

·         To improve presentation and communication skill

Individual assignment

Student required submitting an essay written in scholarly manner that examines the following.

You are enterprise development expert and have been hired as consultant by  Singtrix LLC, a company based in New york. Visit and revew their site for more information. They realize that new product no matter how creative will require sustained and systematic planning to ensure that they will be successful.

As an expert you are asked to advise them on how to transitional new enterprise venture to the growth stage of development enterprise. In this regard they require a specific and comprehensive focus on product planning (including growth, spin off and intellectual property protection), marketing planning, and a growth plan and milestone schedule for Singtrix. Your report submission must be an executive summary that will allow for effective decision making.


Note: Need to analyse current marketing stertegis and provide new stretegis and stretegis for improvement.


Students are required o support discussion with theories and whatever possible illustrates theory observation with real world examples. The paper should not be less than 3000 words in length and must be accurately referred.

Font size 12 in times new roman font, and single spacing. is required

Assignment will be in simple business plan format providing canvas of business model graphically.


It need to describe existing strategies 4Ps and future strategies for 4 Ps 

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