Strategic analysis | Computer Science homework help

Review the SWOT (strengthsweaknessesopportunitiesthreats) analyses for all six cases here. Pick one of the six cases and read the complete business plan. Then, write a paper suggesting how IT could be used to enhance the company’s strengths, lessen the company’s weaknesses, take advantage of the company’s opportunities, and / or mitigate the company’s threats. The same IT solution(s) might accomplish more than one objective in the business plan.

In your paper, please copy the SWOT analysis from the case and paste it in the paper. The paper should be 3 pages to explain the case including an analysis of the characteristics of the institution in the case study. Please explain specifically how IT solves a problem and / or enables new options for the company. The total paper should be 3 pages not including the title and reference . The reference should be in APA format. Internet references(1), as well as peer-reviewed journal articles(2), are fine. The references should include examples of other companies that have done something similar to support your recommendations. In-text citations are required for this paper. 

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