Statistics mat308 – project assignment


This is a project assignment for the class Statistics MAT308 class. Please find full details in attached pdf file. The full project has been divided into five parts (given below) which would be going on through out the course

1. Topic Approval

2. Written Project Proposal

3. Data Collection and Graph

4. Written Report. MLA or APA Format.

5. Power Point Presentation.

This project is pure statistics project therefore you need to collect numerical data related to your research topic and then Organize that data and Analyze it using statistical concepts and tools such as regression and hypothesis testing which are covered in the class.

This is the one assignment which has been broken in to five parts and one progress after another. Part 1 and 2 already done by student and he already got approval for the topic ” Does race affect ones earnings? ” Therefore now you need to do Part 3 , 4 and 5 which are 3. Data Collection and Graph, 4. Written Report in MLA or APA Format and 5. Power Point Presentation respectively. The grading rubric for each parts also given in the pdf file. Make sure to follow instructions and grading rubric.

Please read instructions of Part 3 and then let us know if you are able to get relevant data for statistical analysis because this is a pure statistics class and professor is looking for use of statistical concepts covered in the class.

Rules for data and graph:

1. Data must be publicly available, or, you must have permission in writing to share that data publicly. Sources must be provided. You must be able to calculate the mean, the standard deviation, a proportion or perform linear regression from the data. Do not simply use descriptive statistics calculated by someone else in their study.

2. Data must be unbiased, particularly if you are collecting it. Data collection techniques must be provided.

3. No experiments on humans or animals are permitted.

4. You may display your data as circle graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots, histograms, or another graph appropriate for your data.

Once you have got Data and made graph as per above instructions then you move to analysis part and then write report as per Part 4. Finally making PPT for the report.

Part 4 Written Report structure already given in the pdf file of instructions:

Introduction: About 150 words.

Data Collection: About 200 words

Data Organization: You need to do this on excel and then put those Graphs / Charts in your report. Also write few sentences about the graphs and charts to explain to reader about them.

Data Analysis: Put your data in the report in table format. You are also required to show all your calculations, hypothesis testing and analysis in the report itself. Also put the excel analysis output. Apart from that you also need to provide proper explanation of your analysis and methods which would take about 200 words.

Conclusion: About 150 words.

Therefore you can see that in this whole report you need to write about 800 words apart from whole analysis part in excel. Follow the grading rubric of Part 4 written report to maximize the grade.

In part 5 student needs Power Point Presentation with speaker notes. Student needs to present it for 4 to 7 minutes therefore about 7-8 slides covering whole report and analysis would be enough. Provide properly explained speaker notes for each slides.

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