Speech 1311 chapter 1 discussion board

How online abuse of women has spiraled out of control | Ashley Judd

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How online abuse of women has spiraled out of control | Ashley Judd

Duration: 16:11

User: n/a – Added: 1/18/17

This explicit TED talk by Academy-award winning Ashley Judd addresses her personal experience of online abuse and the growing phenomenon of online abuse of woman globally.    WARNING:  this video contains a number of offensive terms and phrases.  

Chapter One Video: What Texting Does To Your Neck

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What Texting Does To Your Neck

Duration: 3:27

User: n/a – Added: 8/18/15

This video describes the curious physical phenomenon of being constantly connected to our technologies.  


Disc 1: Chapter 1 Introduction (Click here to access the discussion board)Disc 1: Chapter 1 Introduction (Click here to access the discussion board)

Discussion Board Instructions

Read Chapter 1 and watch the video above.   WARNING:  this video contains sexually explicit language that is too often found in our contemporary social media landscape.   

Follow the instructions and the prompts to post two paragraphs. Additionally, respond to at least one of your classmates. Your two paragraphs and your response post will be graded.

You must submit your own post before you may see any other student’s post. Start by clicking “Create Thread.”In this discussion board, you will write two paragraphs, worth 75points, and a response to a classmate for 25. 

Paragraph 1

The first paragraph should describe who you are to your classmates. You should tell us at least 5 items of information about yourself. For instance, consider sharing your life status, hobbies, interests, pursuits, goals, and/or what you hope to achieve from taking this course. Even though this discussion board is primarily about Chapter 1, it may help to read the first few pages of Chapter 2 to learn about ways to describe your self-concept or who you are.

Paragraph 2 Watch the video above. In the video, you learned how actress Ashley Judd has endured horrific online abuse and that this type of abuse of all too common for women in today’s social media landscape.  This growth of online technology in our lives can cause misunderstandings, mistakes and  even problems with serious dire effects.   

In the second paragraph, first list which types of social media you use on a daily basis. Then describe a specific time when social media was involved in a communication problem  between you and at least one other person (pages 16-17 of your textbook gives examples of what counts as social media). Describe the situation in detail. Review the bolded subsections on pages 24-29 of your textbook under the section heading “Communicating Competently with Social Media.” Choose one (or more) of the “Communicating Competently with Social Media” guidelines and state which one should have been used to handle the situation more competently. In other words, explain how the situation could have been improved and why that guideline would have been the best option.  Underline,   highlight,   bold,   italicize  or CAPITALIZE your choice so that it is visually apparent which guideline(s) you are applying to your scenario. 

Your Reply to a Classmate Paragraph (10 points) Read one of your classmate’s posts and post a thoughtful reply. This will be your first opportunity to engage online with your classmates. Imagine they are speaking to you in person and think of something meaningful they said to respond to and keep the conversation going.  See the example for help.

Discussion Board Help Image

HElp image for discussion board


-20 if Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2 is missing

-10 if Response to a classmate is missing

-10 if Paragraph 1 has less than 5 items of information about you (-2 per item).

-10 if Paragraph 2 does not contain a choice from “Communicating Competently with Social Media” from the textbook

-5 if the choice is used incorrectly

-2 points if that choice is not clearly indicated by an    underline   ,    highlight,       bold,       italics    or CAPITALIZATION

-5-40 if college level grammar, spelling and capitalization are not utilized.

How to Submit your Post:

Click on the title “Disc 1: Chapter 1 Introduction…” link above.Click “Create Thread” to write or copy and paste in your assignment. Review your assignment carefully for errors and use of proper language.Click “Submit” to post (see image above for guidance).

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