Sony targets laptop consumers in china


1. Read the “Sony Targets Laptop Consumers in China” case

2. Develop a recommendation for Richard Lopez on the best segment for Sony to target in China.

3. Write a positioning statement for the targeted segment.

4. Your analysis should compare the different segmentation studies, evaluate the attractiveness of each segment (how likely are they to buy a laptop, how likely are they to buy a Sony laptop?)

Organization of the Body
The memos should be written as a concise summary of the task/case/problem at hand. It will typically include recommendations, a supporting rationale, and an explanation of the process you went through to reach your recommendations. Often, your recommendation will also depend on some assumptions that may need to be explained. It will often be accompanied by additional tables/figures to support your recommendations. 

It is often recommended to start with your recommendations and then provide the supporting rationale. Avoid making your reader wade through peripheral information before getting to the bottom line. Make sure paragraphs are short (max 8 lines is a good rule of thumb) and that sentences are coherent and easy to read. 

Close your message in a positive and friendly manner. The closing paragraph should be brief and to the point and could restate your recommendations or outline next steps.  

Formatting for Visual Effect
Help your reader move through the document quickly and easily by using formatting techniques that break it up into manageable packets of information and that visually illustrate the logic of your ideas: 

1. Use white space liberally 

2. Include instructive or topical subheadings 

3. Use bullet points or numbered lists 

4. Vary typographical elements such as the use of italics, boldface, and capital letters. 

5. Use subtitle

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