Software technology – testing software testing


IT213-4: Apply the debugging process and testing process to programs containing fundamental concepts such as decision statements, iteration, functions and arrays.

GEL-7.02: Apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within the field of Information Technology.


In this assignment, you will be addressing what is entailed in each of the testing levels that will occur in a professional software development environment. You will also consider an ethical dilemma as it relates to software testing and share from your personal experience, perspective, readings and research.

Assignment Instructions

Write a 4–6 page paper addressing the following:

  • Define the following four levels of testing for software development: 1) unit testing, 2) integration testing, 3) systems testing, and acceptance testing.
  • Explain the purpose of each testing level, and provide your reasoning for why it is important that each level of testing is performed for any software development project.
  • Describe how the four testing levels are related to one another.
  • Additionally, conclude your paper by addressing the following ethical dilemma providing your perspective on how to approach this decision:

There is a “first to market at all costs” culture that exists at some well-known corporations today. They would rather send out a “buggy” product if it meant being first. There have been many inferior products to rise to the top simply because they took the biggest chunk of the market share before anyone else. If you worked for a major software corporation as a software developer and were assigned a role on a project, what would you do if your manager pushed to rush a product to market without sufficient debugging and testing. What are the ethical implications of delivering a quality product versus meeting a deadline? How would you approach this decision?

Be sure to cite your sources in this paper and use correct APA format.