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Section 4 of this SAD contains one view for each viewpoint listed in Section 2.5. Each view is documented as a set of view packets. A view packet is the smallest bundle of architectural documentation that might be given to an individual stakeholder. Each view is documented as follows, where the letter i stands for the number of the view: 1, 2, etc.: Section 4.i: Name of view. Section 4.i.1: View description. This section describes the purpose and contents of the view. It should refer to (and match) the viewpoint description in Section 2.5 to which this view conforms. Section 4.i.2: View packet overview. This section shows the set of view packets in this view, and provides rationale that explains why the chosen set is complete and non-duplicative. The set of view packets may be listed textually, or shown graphically in terms of how they partition the entire architecture being shown in the view. Section 4.i.3: Architecture background. Whereas the architecture background of Section 2 pertains to those constraints and decisions whose scope is the entire architecture, this section provides any architecture background (including significant driving requirements, design approaches, patterns, analysis results, and requirements coverage) that applies to this view. Section 4.i.4: Variability mechanisms. This section describes any architectural variability mechanisms (e.g., adaptation data, compile-time parameters, variable replication, and so forth) described by this view, including a description of how and when those mechanisms may be exercised and any constraints on their use. Section 4.i.5: View packets. This section presents all of the view packets given for this view. Each view packet is described using the following outline, where the letter j stands for the number of the view packet being described: 1, 2, etc. Section 4.i.5.j: View packet #j. Section 4.i.5.j.1: Primary presentation. This section presents the elements and the relations among them…

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