Social security act (1935) | Social Science homework help


Imagine yourself as an elderly American in the early 1930s. You live with your daughter’s family on her farm but then the normally abundant crops begin to die due to drought conditions. Your daughter is struggling to take care of her own children and fears she cannot care for you any longer. The support system you thought you had—your family—crumbles. Where do you look for help?

The U.S. Social Security Act of 1935 was created during the Great Depression to be a safety net for older people in such situations. In this Discussion, you examine the Social Security Act and the populations it assisted in the 1930s and today.


  • Identify two reasons why the U.S. Social Security Act (1935) was developed.
  • Explain the requirements for older adults receiving social security benefits (e.g., age requirements, marital status).
  • Compare the needs of the populations served in 1935 and older adults today.



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