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From Lecture:

1. What was Frobel’s Educational Theory?

Read and review the  “A Sensory Case Study” AND “The importance of Sensory Play” under the RESOURCES section of Module 10. Answer the following using supporting information from the readings as well as your own personal experiences:

In the “A Sensory Case Study, answer the following questions;

1. What might be some possible causes for this teacher’s aversion to sensory activities? 

2. What could you tell this teacher about why sensory play is so important? Which theorist might you tell her about to connect what you know?

3. What are some strategies Mary Jane can use to set up an environment to make clean up easier while still allowing children to fully explore the sensory experience?

After reading the article titled “Sensory Process Disorder” and watching the videos “The Coolest New Playground Where You’re Not Invited!” and  East London’s Adventure Playground” answer the following:

1. What are your thoughts about the article?

2. Looking through a sensory lens, in the two videos, what experiences are the children having? Also, reflect on sensory experiences you had in your own past.

 Friedrich Froebel animation:

“The Coolest New Playground Where You’re Not Invited! :

“East London’s Adventure Playground”: 

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