Scope of practice and differentiated practice competencies


One Minute paper

Replying to this post will count toward your participation credit. This is optional but will help you to see if you have a good grasp of understanding the concepts of this class. In a “One Minute Paper” please tell me what was the most important aspect you learned in class? Do you have any questions which remain unanswered?

(It does not have to be set up like a paper, just simply reply).



  1. Discuss characteristics of successful students.
  2. Propose strategies to support successful completion of a program of study.
  3. Discuss the effect of plagiarism on the nursing profession.


Compare practice competencies between associate and baccalaureate nursing education.

Define the scope of practice for a baccalaureate-prepared nurse.

Discuss how the general public is educated about the role of nursing.



  1. Describe how historical events and nursing leaders have influenced the practice of nursing.
  2. Evaluate the use of nursing theory in nursing practice.
  3. Evaluate the use of conceptual models in nursing practice.

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