Scenario | Accounting homework help

 Consider that you run a small to mid-sized produce company. This company provides fruits and vegetables to grocery stores across the United States. It uses a database system such as MS Access to manage business operations.

In order to help you answer the questions, research information on produce companies to find out what type of departments are necessary to run a produce company. For example, most companies need to have a payroll department. What other departments might be part of a produce business?

1️⃣ Give a little background on your imaginary company. Include the name and tell us how many (total) employees it has (small companies are considered to have under 100 employees. Mid-sized companies have 100-999).

2️⃣ For part 2, list the employees who will have system permissions to input information into the database. What data do they input?

– List the employees (with made-up names) that you believe should have special system permissions to input information into the database.
– Include the department they work in.
– Explain what type of data each employee enters into the system.

Mary Smith – Payroll – Adds each new employee’s pay rate into the payroll system

3️⃣ Provide links to the websites you used to help you find the answers to the questions.

4️⃣ Why can’t everybody in the company have access to input data into the database?


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