Sales manager interview paper | Management homework help


Students will conduct an interview with the Sales Manager of a business of your choosing.

You will need to plan ahead for this project.

Your interview should include basic information about the business, including size, key competitors, number of salespeople, number of support personnel for the sales team, at typical day in the life of their sales associates, etc.

During the interview, you should also discuss with the Sales Manager the following areas of Sales Management:

  • How they create a customer-drive culture;
  • Their recruiting, hiring and retention program for their salesforce;
  • Their training, coaching and incentive programs;
  • How they leverage technology in the sales management process;

In addition, your interview should investigate on the interviewee’s specific role as Sales Manager and their interaction with their salesforce, including topics like:

  • What is their particular leadership style;
  • How they prepare their salesforce for change through mentoring and coaching;
  • How they establish trust with their salesforce;
  • How they maintain motivation and enthusiasm among their salesforce;
  • Metrics used to measure salesforce effectiveness;
  • How they evaluate individual salesperson performance;

Grading criteria:

Paper: 3.5 pages-ish

  • Introduction: Describe organizational context, as well as interviewee
  • Content Knowledge: Showing understanding of the Topics covered in the book.
  • Critical Thinking: How is the Sales Manager applying theories learned in class? 
  • Conclusion: Reflect how the insights gained from the class could be applied to better the sales team / organization
  • Communication:
    • Proper grammar and spelling
    • Organization
    • Professionalism 
    • Cover Page
    • Diagrams if necessary
    • Numbered pages (for me, not you

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