Rp 61 | BUSI 770 – Strategic Thinking for Decision-Making | Liberty University

For  this  literature review, your research will be guided by the following three research questions:
1. How do individual and group decision processes aid or impede business decision-making?

2. What are the latest developments in the process of strategy development and execution?

3. How can Healthcare management, as a function within the organization,
influence the process of business strategy development and execution?

Specific Instructions:

 Use the Research Questions as provided in the instructions

 Minimum of 25 pages of written content, not including introduction, conclusion, front matter,
reference section, and any tables or figures provided.

 No less than 8 pages of content addressing each research question. 

 Minimum of 18 current sources not including course texts

 No less than 6 current sources for each research question not including the course texts
 1-inch margins, Double Spaced, 12-point font

 Include Cover Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, and Reference Section

 Follow APA (Professional Version) current edition for all formatting

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