Rhetorical analysus paper | English homework help

ENGL_1302: Rhetorical Analysis Paper Walkthrough

Generating Ideas & Planning

Read all unit chapters and lecture materials

Study the rhetorical analysis of MLK Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech in Chapter 4 so I understand the process

Read Emerson & Thoreau selections carefully & thoroughly, annotating and breaking both essays into pieces using the handouts on D2L

Read prompt several times

Freewrite thoughts and understanding of both Thoreau and Emerson’s essays. Choose some promising ideas to write about.

Do I want to write about Thoreau or Emerson? Review the essay I choose to write about

Write a thesis statement that makes a statement about the rhetoric in one of those essays. Brainstorm or freewrite from my thesis statement to start coming up with points for my argument Create an outline, informal or formal, to help guide my paper.

Drafting & Developing

Find sources of support. Be sure to cite it all correctly

Build from outline and connect dots by transforming those thoughts into full sentences

Dedicate one paragraph to each point and flesh it out entirely

Be sure to deal with people who may not believe my interpretation and provide enough evidence to make them see my points are valid

Revising & Editing

Read through and remove any unnecessary information

Make sure my organization makes sense, ensuring that each point builds so my strongest point is last Check my formatting – APA

Check my grammar and spelling

Meet all deadlines for rough draft, peer edit, final draft, and revisio

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