Review and study chapters 11 – 12 in the textbook (shi & singh,


Current Trends in Health Care Delivery, HRP 310-01

Individual Assignment 3 (30 Points)

Module 4


  • Review and study Chapters      11 – 12 in the textbook (Shi & Singh, 2019).
  • Review and study the      PowerPoints posted in Blackboard, Materials and Resources.  
  • Use critical thinking      skills and metacognition to:
    • Describe the different vulnerable and underserved       populations and their health needs and summarize the major challenges       they face.
    • Explain the framework used to study vulnerable populations,       see Figure 11.1 in the textbook.
    • Cost, access, and quality are three major cornerstones of       health care delivery.  Define the three different costs of       healthcare.
  • Create a thesis statement      relevant to current trends in healthcare delivery.  Write a 2-3-page paper      in APA (2020) format, include a cover page, a reference page, three      peer-reviewed references to support your rationale, and use the textbook.      The paper should follow the SESC format of state, explain, support, and      conclude, see the Sample Paper posted in this course. 
  • Review the Rubric to      maximize points.

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