Rethinking the military ‘s role in domestic emergencies command

 Rethinking the Military ‘s Role in Domestic Emergencies Command Relationships (In Katrina ‘s Wake Case study)

Writing assignment

Analyze the major points of your base articles for research. Use your research time to develop a deep understanding of your topics so you can fully explain your part of the themed outline and support the group effort. Student will write a 5-page research paper (not including the references or title pages) using Times New Roman 12-point font, and APA 6th edition format. Student will provide an additional 4 references to the base document.


Command Relationships

  • Introduce the command relationships (Federal Military, State Military and Civil Agencies) that were established during Hurricane Katrina?
  • How did those command relationships effect the outcome of the Hurricane Katrina? Did they establish unity of command? What is the importance of establishing unity of command during natural disasters/ emergencies?
  • Provide examples and elaborate, using Hurricane Katrina to support your main point.

Reference for case study:

Tkacz, S. R. (2006). In Katrina ‘s Wake: Rethinking the Military ‘s Role in Domestic Emergencies. William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal,15(1), 301-334.

Requirement: Provide case study research outline with thesis statement within 24 hrs

No plagiarism, use as many as credible sources for references.

Analyzing: Breaking Material into constituent parts, determining how the parts relate to each other and to an overall structure or purpose through differentiating, organizing, and attributing.

Applying: Carrying out or using a procedure through executing or implementing.

Understanding: Constructing meaning from oral, written, and graphic message through interpreting, exemplifying, classifying, summarizing, inferring, comparing, and explaining

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