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The summative for this unit consists of three parts. You are to create a resume and cover letter, prepare for an interview, and do a reflection on each item. 

Resume and Cover letter

Using the job posting you chose for UNIT 4 LESSON 5 (feel free to choose another job posting if you wish) and using the resume and cover letter (or a new one) you developed for the job, you are now going to prepare for the job interview. 


  1. Job      Posting
  2. Cover      letter
  3. Resume 
  4. Interview      preparation notes, interview questions and answers

Interview Preparation

Assuming that you have been called for an interview for the job that you applied to in part one, prepare for the interview by:

  1. Researching      information about the organization that would help you be successful in      the interview. Be sure to make note      of the resources that you used. 
  2. Making      a list of 5 possible questions the interviewer may ask you and answer them      as you would in the interview. 
  3. Making      a list of at least 3 questions that you would ask the employer during the      interview.


Write a reflection about the cover letter and resume and interview preparation that you did addressing the following:

· Which type of resume did you choose and why? Provide evidence by making references to your resume. 

· What specific information did you list on your resume that shows that you are a good fit for the position? Why did you decide to list that specific information? What does it demonstrate about you?

· What information did you decide to include in your cover letter and why? How do you think it would entice and interest the employer? 

· Looking at the information that you found about the organization how do you think it will be helpful when preparing for your interview? 

· What did you further learn about yourself when creating the interview questions and answering them?

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