Response to the following essay !


Reading the article: Wall of sound: The ipod Has Changes the Way We listen to music.

Question 1:1.     According to Saval, what was the big difference between American popular music in the 1960s and American popular music in the 1970s?



Q2. While Saval writes broadly about contemporary music and musical history, including many references to specific composers and artists, he offers no real close analysis of specific songs, performance, or genres. Why do you think he avoids doing so? Would his essay be stronger if he included more attention to particular songs and individual artists? Why or why not?


Article 2: The problem of youtube 


Q1; What do youtube’s main critics seek, according to christian?


Q2; In the article, Strike TV founder Peter Hyoguchi claims,” There’s not a lot of incentive for a hollywood professional to put something on youtube when it’s going to be shoulder to shoulder with a cat jumping on piano” (par. 1). What point is he highlighting? how do you compare the value of popular amateur online videos with the work of professional filmmaker, writer, and diroctor?

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