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reply to at least one classmate in no fewer than 75 words. Is the rebuttal convincing? What questions do you have about it?

Thoughtful response to a classmate’s post that comments on how they have refuted the argument presented (at least 75 words)

My topic is about pollution due to the planet urbanized and industrialized, and as effects of global climate change intensify, environmental crises can more and more devastate the lives, health, and livelihoods of individuals round the globe. an absence of legal regulation and social control of business and artisanal mining, large scale dams, deforestation, domestic water and sanitation systems, and heavily polluting industries will result in a host of human rights violations. Activists and normal voters defensive their rights to land and also the setting might face intimidation, legal harassment and deadly violence. The first victims of environmental hurt are usually impoverished and marginalized communities with restricted chance to meaningfully participate in decision-making and speechmaking on environmental problems, and have very little access to freelance courts to attain irresponsibleness and redress. Poor air quality affects your health. When pollution is bad, it can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat, cause shortness of breath, aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions, and even affect your heart and cardiovascular system. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Environmental Pollution Car exhaust • power plants Manufacturing vehicles • fertilizer manufacturers • tearing down buildings • evaporation of chemicals Explosion of volcanoes and much more. Some interesting facts about pollution are  It’s not always the human activities that cause air pollution. Air pollution can also be caused by natural causes. Some of them are volcanic eruptions, forest fires and radioactive decay. It is estimated that the number of deaths because of air pollution will reach 6 million per year by the year 2050. Pollution is a bad thing and a habit for many people. This is why we need to take much care of our environment in every way possible.

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