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There are different types of assistive hearing devices which can be used in the classroom. Student with sensorineural hearing loss receive the most benefit from personal frequency modulation systems. With the use of FM systems students “are able to hear the teacher’s voice at an appropriate and constant intensity level” regardless of the distance (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, n.d.). Even background noise would not affect the student’s hearing ability. In addition, the student would be able to monitor his or her own voice with the help of hearing aid microphone. Wherever possible, it would be best for students with the disabilities using adaptive equipment to introduce and explain the aids and devices they use themselves. They can show their classmates the devices and allow them to touch and experiment with the equipment. For example, a student with a hearing impairment could explain the parts and maintenance of the hearing aid, and then invite other students to use a hearing aid briefly.

When it comes to visually impaired students, there are Braille materials as well as portable note takers. These are small “devices that may be used by a student to take notes in class using either a braille (featuring six large keys that correspond to the 6 dots in the braille cell), standard (QWERTY) keyboard, or both” (Teaching students with visual impairments, n.d.). These allow students to read and write, record lectures and listen to podcasts.

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