Responding back to classmates | English homework help

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 I would start off by making sure I am not being biased. I try my best to not give false information, I do not go off a rumor or pass that rumor on to others. I speak to them respectfully, while I also make sure to listen when the speaker and show I am acknowledging what they are saying by eye contact. I do not interrupt what they are saying and make sure they are finished before giving my input.

 I start off by asking myself who will my audience be and what is the best way to come across to them, so they pay attention. That is probably the most important step in knowing your audience and what approach to take to capture your audience’s attention. Then I ask myself if the information is reliable that I am passing onto my audience and how I am going to format what I am writing based on my audience.

 My communication skills at home and at work are very different. I am quieter at home; my wife does more of the communicating with the kids telling them when lunch or dinner is ready and all that stuff. When I am at work, I am more vocal and involved in problem-solving and giving directions on what to do and where things need to go. I probably need to improve more in my communication at home and be more involved and vocal-like at work.

 Makin sure my writing is not bias and going back through and checking my writing to see if it is biased. This is something I have never really paid attention to or learned about. Using this skill may improve my writing at work and I may find in the past to have been biased in certain situations.



When communicating with other people, I try to be very kind and free of bias language. Sometimes we have problems with how people look, smell, and talk and then we form a bias opinion how we are going to speak to that person or persons and sometime is very harsh which is the wrong way.

Who will be apart of my audience, and what will the topic be now and how will I set the tone for my writing assignment and I must not use any bias language in my writing assignment?

My communication relationship at work is semiprofessional because I work in a state prison and sometime, I must speak harshly to some the guys that I work with. Home I’m more relaxed and then I am at work my communication at home is fun and not professional.

I would be more understand of who I’m speaking or writing to and I would incorporate bias free language in everything I do because sometimes we are unaware of what we say and or writing. I going to start using the professional approach to everything from this point.

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