Resource: powerpoint basics | Computer science


Resource: PowerPoint Basics

Navigate to the PowerPoint BasicsTutorials using this link (Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)You will use the material covered in these tutorials to submit assignments later in this unit and you will be quizzed on the material at the end of the unit.

  1. Getting Started with PowerPoint
  2. Creating and Opening Presentations
  3. Saving Presentations
  4. (not required to review)
  5. Slide Basics – **Important to review for Assignment**
  6. Text Basics – Review the tutorial.
  7. Applying Themes- **Important to review for Assignment**
  8. Applying Transitions – **Important to review for Assignment**
  9. Managing Slides- Review the tutorial.
  10. Using Find & Replace- Review the tutorial.
  11. Printing – Review the tutorial.
  12. Presenting Your Slide Show-Review the tutorial.
  13. Lists – Review the tutorial.
  14. Indents and Line Spacing – Review the tutorial.
  15. Inserting Pictures – **Important to review for Assignment**
  16. Formatting Pictures – **Important to review for Assignment**
  17. Shapes – Review the tutorial.
  18. Aligning, Ordering, and Grouping Objects – Review the tutorial.
  19. Animating Text and Objects – **Important to review for Assignment**
  20. Inserting Videos Review the tutorial.
  21. Inserting Audio- **Important to review for Assignment**
  22. Tables – Review the tutorial.
  23. Charts Review the tutorial.
  24. SmartArt Graphics – Review the tutorial.
  25. (not required to review)
  26. (not required to review)
  27. (not required to review)
  28. Modifying Themes – **Important to review for Assignment**
  29. Slide Master View – **Important to review for Assignment**
  30. Hyperlinks – **Important to review for Assignment**
  31. Action Buttons – Review the tutorial.
  32. Rehearsing and Recording Your Presentation -Review the tutorial.
  33. Sharing Your Presentation Online – Review the tutorial.

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