Research paper topic: us gaap vs ifrs statement of cash flows.

Topic: US GAAP vs IFRS statement of cash flows.

    The research paper for this course should be written and saved as a Word document, and include a minimum of 1,000 words, (approximately full  two pages), not to exceed 1,200 words.  Please use 12 point Times New  Roman font, single-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides.  Center  the title of your paper followed by your name at the beginning of the  first page, immediately followed by the main body of your paper.  Please  do not include a Title Page or Abstract for this assignment.  A third  page should be included for references.  For citation purposes only,  please follow the APA Citation Style.   

  References: Your paper should incorporate five (5) full-text Articles  on your approved topic and reference to FASB Codification as  appropriate. Out of the five required reference articles, a minimum of  two should come from business or accounting journals.  (CPA Journal,  Journal of Accountancy, Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory,  The Tax Advisor, etc.) The library has subscriptions to these, and  students can schedule appointments with librarians to receive help with  their research if needed.  Other references may include magazines  (Forbes, Businessweek, The Economist, etc.), newspapers (The Wall Street  Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, etc.), and online articles  (,,, etc.).  Please limit  your use of online articles (not published in hard copy) to two  references.  Note that Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference for this  paper.  Textbooks will not count toward the five required references.   

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