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The key assignment for this course is a research paper on a musical topic, composer, or performer that includes a PowerPoint presentation posted for your classmates. To get started on this assignment post your research topic in this module in the form of a purpose statement. Here are three examples of purpose statements:

• The purpose of this paper is to examine the life and musical contribution of __________.
• In this paper I will explore three aspects of opera by comparing the operas of
   Monteverdi, Mozart, and Verdi.
• I will compare the life and music of Liszt and Chopin, illustrating different types of
   fame and acclaim in the nineteenth century.

Include citations for three possible sources for your paper. You can find sources through the SLU online library. An excellent place to start your search is in the databases JSTOR or EBSCO. Click on “Databases” on the library’s home page and scroll down to find them.

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