Research paper on lance wyman as an artist include the olympics

Each student should select one designer covered in Chapters 20–24 of the Meggs/Purvis text book. Formulate a
focused paper topic in which you will analyze and discuss this person’s work in the context (historical, cultural, social, political, etc.) in which she/he practiced, as well her/his significance to the development of design practice (in concept, method, use of technology, etc.).
Why is this person’s work important to the study of design? What (or who) has had an influence on this person’s work or thinking about design? What is the impact of this person’s work to the advancement of the field or to specific socio-cultural conditions?


  1. 1  Research a specific topic in history of design;

  2. 2  Demonstrate a thorough familiarity with the work of a chosen person from recent history or contemporary practice

    and the context in which she/he practiced;

  3. 3  Identify the significance of a designer’s work to the development of design practice;

  4. 4  Identify the historical, cultural, social or political significance of her/his work;

  5. 5  Analyze specific projects or examples of work from your chosen designer;

  6. 6  Construct written arguments and defend these using proper academic conventions. 


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