Research paper (english first year level)

In this assignment, you will produce a 1500-word research paper based on the research topic you chose for Assignment 3: Annotated Bibliography. You will be provided the assignment (Annotated Bibliography). The articles are also in the citation section of the Annotated Bibliography Assignmen. See the attachment below.

There is APA template also provided for the format for this assignmen.

The general topic for this assignment is:

“The impact of digital technology.”

You will need to significantly narrow down the topic to a specific focus that interests you. For example, you can explore the impact of digital technology on education, on political participation, on interpersonal communication, or on business strategies. You could also focus on the impact of digital media on different aspects of our wellbeing, i.e., social, psychological, physical, occupational, etc.

Based on the specific topic for your annotated bibliography, you are expected to locate this topic in the existing knowledge, identify a knowledge deficit, and make a new claim which will be supported by reasoned argument.

Please adhere to the following guidelines for the organization of your research paper.


Your introduction should sketch the typical rhetorical moves academic writers make as they find a position for themselves:

• Describe the existing knowledge on a topic by way of summary and citations from other sources.

• Identify the knowledge deficit, i.e., something missing, inadequate, or hidden in the view expressed in the existing knowledge, or something more complicated than that view.

• Make a thesis claim that will address the gap (knowledge deficit) in the existing knowledge.

You must draw on at least one of the articles in your annotated bibliography to examine the existing knowledge, identify a knowledge deficit, and make a thesis

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