Repost assignment is due today!!!!! unit 2

I am being force to post this assignment again! Ive already paid someon ( hand shake) and they did not deliever. Assignment was due yesterday!

In Unit 1, you wrote a summary essay based on Mann’s article about global warming. You also began a discussion of rhetoric and the components academic writing; in this unit, you will build on the concept of persuasive writing. The purpose of this study is twofold. In the short term, the study of persuasion will assist you in your next writing Assignment, a critique or critical evaluation of the argument in another article, by J.B. White. In the longer term, the skills of critical reading and critique are central to your research abilities, so this study will prepare you for your eventual major project in this class, the composition of a research-based argument.


As you investigate the components of a good argument, you will also be focusing on the first step in any persuasive writing project: the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the academic essay’s main idea or primary claim. All other elements of an academic essay exist to strengthen or prove the central argument that is the thesis statement. The introductory paragraph contains the thesis statement and serves as a roadmap for the essay as a whole.

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