Reading writing workshop schedule 2nd grade

Please view the information on the following website about the Reading and Writing Workshop strategy

Predictable 5-Part Workshop Framework (Links to an external site.)

Make sure that you select Workshop Frameworks under the Overview dropdown menu to see the 5 parts to address in your schedule.

View the following Reading Workshop Schedule (basic schedule). Design your own schedule after reviewing the Predictable 5-Part Workshop Framework website. Include the grade level for the schedule. You may use a specific book and be specific with details on the schedule; For example, what will your closure for your book? What skill will the mini lesson be about? Where are you going to address the 6 components of Reading (from the Tompkins pages)?

I have included some suggested books for this activity on the last page of the syllabus, if needed.

Here’s an website have helps you understand it better as well.

please choose a 2nd grade book for this and make sure it is very detailed.

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