Question: think of someone at home, work, or school whose behaviour


Think of someone at home, work, or school whose behaviour you would like to change (it could even be your own behaviour you would like to change). Using what you now know about Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, or Observational Learning (You are gonna research and learn what these three methods are), formulate a detailed plan for changing a particular behaviour of the target person. Clearly define key concepts and learning processes from the theory you have chosen, and outline how these concepts and processes apply your plan for behaviour change. In your responses to others, offer alternate suggestions to change behaviour, based on the learning theories.


1.       You must use proper APA Style

2.       You must include an introductory paragraph, a body and conclusion.

3.       Citations (quotations with references) from the credible sources are required to enhance the overall credibility of your psychological explanations and ideas presented.


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