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Tips on Reading Philosophy:

– Read a summary before reading philosophy texts, it will help you get the most out of your reading – especially as readings get more difficult (Summaries do NOT replace the reading)

– Highlight confusing passages, write down any questions you have – we can discuss these in class

– Look over the week’s discussion questions before reading, try to pick out philosophical ideas as you read

– Do the reading before lecture to best understand the ideas discussed in class

*Tips on Studying Philosophy:

– Write a paragraph or two summarizing the philosophical text in your own words after completing each reading

– Make a “T” chart comparing philosophers/philosophical ideas at the end of each week (the “study sheet” I’ve posted has a similar concept)

– List and define the 3-4 key ideas for each philosopher discussed in class – add an example from the story to support this idea

– Ensure your notes taken in class are clear, fill them in at the end of lecture (material posted on C4 is not enough for the exam)

– Make a study group or find a study partner, two brains are better than one!

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