Question 1 Star Productions Produces Full Length Motion Pictures Distribution Worldwide Pu Q36002352

this is just one question please answer it all and show work …phd level work
Question 1 Star Productions produces full-length motion pictures for distribution worldwide. It has just purchased the rightsmedia%2Fa48%2Fa487f14f-7b1c-408a-adb1-2aQuestion 1 Star Productions produces full-length motion pictures for distribution worldwide. It has just purchased the rights to a movie script Atomic Ranger, which it intends to develop as its next product. The script is a science fiction and action adventure. It is expected to have a broad audience and Star hopes to minimize production cost by recruiting business partners Star cannot start until it raises the funding necessary for the film. This will be funded in part from its own cash and outside investment from its long-time partner Collins Pictures. Bringing in Collins as a silent partner also secures its subsidiary Collins Worldwide as the distributor to the film. Other agreements providing small amounts of initial cash are listed in the Tentative Licensees table below Gang Distribution A home distribstion rights including the salle of plysicall rmu Neely House Gaming themed tloys and appisel Star Productions intends to run the production office for the new film out of its own organization. It must search for a director, assistant director, casting director and production designer. Star will also contribute a unit production manager legal services, and storyboard artists from its own staff. Although Star is a producer of major motion pictures, it does not own any of the infrastructure required for filming. Star must therefore finalize negotiations with several key contractors listed in the Tentative Contracts table below to move forward. StudiosThree sound stages fo filming and all EBocts Stadios Spocial cffocts, of scenery pieces from Epic to lamgligh Sdios and dies Catering All food servicE, Ideally, all filming and postproduction would be completed within a year of preproduction. Since investors in the film won’t receive any return until the finished film starts selling tickets at Collins Worldwide’s theater outlets. Star Production must use part of its own cash flow to purchase a completion insurance policy. The policy covers part of the risk of Stars business partners should the film not be finished as planned. Questions to be addressed: Write a paragraph describing Star Production as an operation. of operation is Does it produce TE We were unable to transcribe this imageShow transcribed image text

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