Ques 1 | Accounting homework help

(my current major: Information systems going for graduate school for “Masters in Information Assurance”

In no more than two, single-spaced pages (10-12 pt font), clearly and concisely distinguish yourself from other graduate school

applicants with honesty, sincerity, and conscientiousness by avoiding cliches and ambiguous explanations.

Opening paragraph

Introduce yourself and why you are pursuing graduate study. Demonstrate your unique qualifications by using concrete examples from

your life experience and personal qualities that distinguish you from other applicants. Describe and provide brief examples of your

determination, fortitude, initiative, and ability to develop ideas, and your capacity to work through problems independently.


In one to three paragraphs, build a foundation for your forthcoming work. Discuss your experiences with the following:

1. Explain why you chose this field of study and how your academic, professional, or volunteer background may have led to your

interest in obtaining graduate education.

2. List your expertise and accomplishments it your major field and include any research or related professional work you have

performed, and be sure to include the name of any professors that provided guidance or direction.

3. Describe your undergraduate studies, current career track, or volunteer activities and how they relate to what you intend to do

in graduate school.

4. Include specific experiences that demonstrate your motivation and inspiration for continued study.

5. List other relevant experiences, activities, organizational leadership, awards, honors, etc. that includes organizational

information and other important details.

6. Mention specific faculty with whom you are interested in working with 

Closing Paragraph

Leave the reader with a clear understanding of your qualifications and your vision for successful completion of your chosen graduate

program. Boldly articulate the value that you hope to gain while you are a graduate student at St. Cloud State. Describe your goals and

career ambitions, and explain how your graduate program will help you achieve those goals. Finally, describe the value you will

contribute to the classroom and your student colleagues.

Keep in mind that your audience is made up of professionals in your chosen field, so there is no need to explain your understanding of

the field, but rather to show your sincerity and ability to successfully complete your graduate education.

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