Qnt 275 week 2 quiz 100% score

QNT 275 Week 2 Quiz  100%  Score


1.     A population consists of _________________.

2.     Which of the following variables is qualitative?

3.     Which of the following represents a population and a sample from that population?

4.     ABC Plumbing wants to understand its customers’ perceptions of the quality of the company’s plumbing service calls. They plan to survey a sample of its customer base. What will ABC need to do to ensure that their data is valid and reliable?

5.     The accompanying chart shows the numbers of books written by each author in a collection of cookbooks. What type of chart is this?

6.     In order to summarize qualitative data, a useful tool is a __________.

7.     A recent survey of 200 small firms (annual revenue less than $10 million) asked whether an increase in the minimum wage would cause the firm to decrease capital spending. Possible responses to the survey question were: “Yes,” “No,” or “Don’t Know.” These data are best classified as ____________

8.     A stem-and-leaf diagram is constructed by separating each value of a data set into two parts. What are these parts


9.     Which of the following variables is quantitative

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