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Homework #2 – EVSP331 – Public Lands Management

The Economic Contribution of Public Lands to the US Economy

Question 1.  What is the economic contribution of public lands to the U.S. economy? What method is used to calculate these benefits? (25 points)

Question 2. What is a cost-benefit analysis? How is it used as a management tool in public lands management? Be sure to give specific examples of its use. (25 points) (Defined on pg. 115 of the DOI Report on Economic Contributions (2011) and discussed throughout the document.)

Question 3.  Imagine that you are a manager of a national forest. You must balance timber harvesting with recreational use. Use an economic argument for why you should increase one or the other activity. You will have to present this at a public meeting, so explain it as if you are speaking to the local citizens near your forest. (25 points) HINT: Use the reports you read this week and internet or journal sources to support your figures – do not make up economic values, but do your research to obtain them. Be sure to cite them in the text of your response and at the bottom of your answer.

Question 4. Using the same scenario given in Question 3, now argue the opposite that you did in that question, explaining to the public why this activity is not going to be the focus of USFS activities, because the natural resources values are worth more than the economic income that might be generated. (25 points) Do your research and back up your statements with valid sources! If you do not do this (here and in the real world), your audience will ungraciously call this to your attention. 😉