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            Hello everyone, we did it! Another course down towards our goal! I wish nothing but the best too you all during this journey to getting our degrees. This week we dove into Kohlberg’s 6 stages of development which we learned are grouped into three levels and each level has two stages within (Galotti, 2017). The three levels are labeled as preconventional, conventional, and postconventional and they’re broken down in chapter 12 on page 383 of our book (Galotti, 2017). This study was conducted as mentioned with all male participants (Galotti, 2017). Reading on we come to Carol Gilligan who objected to Kohlberg’s exclusion of women and girls from his original sample (Galotti, 2017). Gilligan argued and believed that us women are likely to reason about the moral issues, meaning we think of the right path of action to go down and it would depend on various features or aspects of a situation (Galotti, 2017). Yes, I do agree with Gilligan’s belief that moral development differs in us females and males because I honestly believe it comes down to more of how we’re raised and brought up. In society and some cultures, we were raised with gender roles which refer to the expectations of proper attitudes, behavior, and activities of males and females (Schaefer, 2019). Parents play an extremely critical role in giving guidance into those gender roles deemed appropriate in society, along with peers, siblings, media, educational and religious institutions (Schaefer, 2019). Most of us have had someone in our life that basically tried to tell us that girls are supposed to live life happy with a man and boys live their lives happy with a woman and we’re to follow certain norms in life to move along. I learned quickly that not every girl has to fall in love and marry a man to be happy and vice versa. In conclusion, the moral development in men and women I do believe differ a whole lot.

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Galotti, K.M. (2017). Cognitive Development: Infancy Through Adolescence (2nd ed.) SAGE

Schaefer, R.T (2019). Sociology: A brief introduction (13th ed.). McGraw Hill

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