Psy3009 multicultural psychology week 3 – assignment: prepare a


For this task, create a simple research proposal in which you explain the problem or issue in multicultural psychology you might like to research; what your research would do; and the challenges you think might occur if you were to implement the study.

Your proposal will have six sections:

  1. Introduction – Explain why your selected topic is interesting or important to the field of multicultural psychology. 
  2. Background – Describe at least two recent studies that have looked at the topic. What else is known about the topic that might support the need for more research?
  3. Hypothesis – Describe your hypothesis. This is the question you want your research to investigate. 
  4. Methods – How would you perform your research? For example, would you hand out surveys, hold interviews, and conduct naturalistic observation? Explain why you believe this would be the best approach to gather data about your topic. (You may find your library research articles provide you some good insights on possible research methods for multicultural psychology.)
  5. Possible results – Describe the results that you expect. 
  6. References – List the sources that you referred to in your proposal. This will include your two original sources and any other articles or books that you cite.

Support your paper using documentation from the textbook, library research, and other course resources. 

Length: 3-5 pages

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