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7502ICT – Advanced Networking: Project Final Report to be submitted on or before 4 p.m., 11th October (Week 11) (Report must be posted to the assignment box in G23) The goal of this assignment is to provide exposure to a typical modern computer communications system and network design/ implementation issues in detail. For the project, you are required to implement/ test/ design/ critically review a communication/ networking/ security mechanism and write a small report. In case, if your project does not involve any implementation (hardware or software), the report should provide an in-depth critical analysis of the topic based on the research you did, possibly with a case study. The possible research and implementation topics can be discussed in the class and feedback will be provided. You may change the topic before 18 September and submit a half a page summary of the project and the title with your name, student number etc, by 18 September. If your topic was not suitable for the course, you will be notified. The topic must be finalised by end of 18 September. Your report should provide an in-depth analysis of the topic based on the research you did and/or the results you obtained from the implementation. Research based projects must include at least 10 relevant recent journal papers in the bibliography. The report should be between 8 and 10 pages in the IEEE format (template can be obtained from the IEEE website). Reports need to be submitted individually, however, some of the implementation projects may, with prior written approval from the Convenor, be carried out as a group work. If the project is carried out as a group work, the individual contributions must be clearly mentioned in the written report. In order to keep track of the progress of the project, you will have to submit an interim progress report describing (a) brief overview of the project (b) what work has been completed so far and (c) what is still need to be completed (d) main references (One A4 page in the IEEE format to the assignment box in G23) by 25 September. About 5 minutes presentation will be arranged during the tutorial time slot, in Week 13. The exact marking scheme will depend on the type of project (eg. level of implementation required/ non-implementation/ etc). However, the following may be used as some indication: Implementation: up to 70% Report: Format & Presentation– up to 20% Related work review – up to 30 % Critical Analysis – up to 40 % References – up to 10%

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