Project management plan baselines | BUS 633 Project & Operations Management | University of Arizona


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ProjectLibre (Links to an external site.).

I need to develop a project schedule using the WBS . 

The project schedule will start on February 1st 2022 and complete before December 31, 2022 That will be Year 0.

Sequence the activities.

Indicate a single start and end date for each task.

Create a project budget.  in MS Excel.

If you choose MS Excel:

Copy your work in ProjectLibre to MS Excel:

Put the cursor in the upper-left box to darken all the columns, use “CTRL C” to copy the ProjectLibre content, and then paste into MS Excel.

Add another column for budget. Assign a budget to each task. 

The total budget may not exceed $100,000.

Each task must be assigned a budget.

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