Project deliverable 1 due week 4 tcos b and c o using the omega

Project Deliverable #1 (Due Week 4) – TCOs B and C
o Using the Omega Case Study, complete the BIA template for their SAP system. Note, the BIA template is appendix B of the NIST SP 800-34 rev 1 document. Note: Include the metrics – use Week 2’s lecture as a guide. 
o From the results of your case study provide an executive summary for the executive management team of Omega. The summary should highlight the priority of business functions, along with the potential for loss in the event of a disaster or sustained outage. 


Week 4, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) (100 Points):
• Using the Omega Case Study, the BIA template must be completed for the Production SAP system. 
• At least two authoritative, outside references are required in your executive summary. These should be listed on the last page titled “References.” 
• Appropriate citations are required. See the syllabus regarding plagiarism policies. 
• This will be graded on quality of research topic, quality of paper information, use of citations, grammar and sentence structure, and creativity. 
• The paper is due during Week 4 of this course.

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