Program evaluation rubric | AET 570 | University of Phoenix

Scenario: You have just started a new role as a Program Manager in a learning and development department. As you start to review the existing training manuals, you realize that an evaluation has never been done on any of the training.

Create an analytic (grid-style) rubric that you can use to assess the training programs. Incorporate the Kirkpatrick evaluation model into your evaluation rubric.

Note: Refer to Ch. 28 through 32 of the ASTD Handbook for Workplace Learning Professionals in the Week 3 Electronic Reserve Readings for help with this assignment.

Charity’s Note: Format your assignment as a grid-style analytic that could be filled out as you evaluate a training program. It should be comprehensive and clear, so that other adult educators could use it to evaluate training programs, too.

  • The first column of the grid should be the criteria of training program quality that you will measure. Base those criteria on the Kirkpatrick Model.
  • Then in the other columns of the grid, set levels of quality and have descriptions of those levels of quality for each criterion.
  • This is how I have created rubrics for the assignments in this course. You can use those rubrics as a model, but instead of the objectives-based criteria that I use, you will create criteria based on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model.
  • I have provided additional guidance in the Week 3 Instructor Tips.
  • To understand how your assignment will be graded, refer to the rubric at right.

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