Program eligibility for english language learners


Understanding that English language learners are eligible for programs and services prepares teachers to advocate for and ensure that these students are receiving the proper support guaranteed to them.

Imagine it is the beginning of a new year and your administration has shared a schoolwide goal related to ensuring proper advocacy and supports for ELLs. Create a 250-500 word resource document (i.e., pamphlet, brochure) to give to new teachers at the beginning of a school year, addressing the following:

  • An introduction that includes the demographic and      home language composition of the PK-12 ELL population in Arizona.
  • Explain the process used to determine ELL program      eligibility, placement, and reassessment, including the use of the Home      Language Survey and Arizona’s English language proficiency assessment.      Identify the standard accommodations available to ELLs for these types of      assessments.
  • Discuss the factors influencing English language      acquisition for special populations of ELLs (refugee, migrant, immigrant,      and Native American), including how they relate to long-term English      learners (LTEL), recently arrived English learners (RAEL) or students with      interrupted formal education (SIFE).
  • Describe other services students may qualify for      (exceptional student services/special education, gifted and talented), in      addition to being identified as an ELL.
  • Explain parents’/guardians’ rights in regard to ELL      services (i.e., program placement, assessment).

The resource document should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and use space appropriately.

Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly resources.

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