Primate behavior discussion | Social Science homework help

This week we read about and looked at examples of how ape’s behavior is both different and yet remarkably similar to us as humans. I used several films, clips, and written examples this week of behavior. In your discussion, please choose one of the following examples from this week

  • The scene in “So Human, So Chimp”  (, where alpha and beta males are given watermelons but females are not.
  • The scene in Ape Genius (, where the female chimp deals with the death of her child.
  • The scene in “Ape Genius” where chimps fashion spears for hunting.
  • The scene in “Ape Genius” where Kanzi learns English vocabulary words.
  • The scene in “Ape Genius” where male and female bonobos prevent workers from removing the dead body of a non-relative bonobo.
  • The part in “Bonobo Bliss” where Amos becomes ill.
  • The part in “War, What is it good for?” where baboon males suddenly begin grooming each other after the death of their alpha males.
  1. What was your reaction upon seeing this example of behavior in apes?
  2. Compare and contrast the behavior between the example you’ve seen in modern humans.
  3. Can you think of how this behavior would be adaptive and would have been selected to continue on? Consider this question from both perspectives, ape and human.

Provide an APA style reference and in text citation for the weekly and additional resources used to inform your post. The APA Style Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab ( an excellent resource to help with this.

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