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This will be a presentation to the board or community organization providing awareness of the need for the program you are designing. This presentation should be 5 to 7 minutes long with PowerPoint slides or other media to augment the presentation. The presentation should include a SWOTT Analysis that you would provide to the audience. This presentation will also require your reflective thoughts regarding the goals of the program (found on pages 6 or 7 of your syllabus).

• Tell a story. Tell a story using a personal account or statistics to illustrate the problem.

• Explain your solution. Explain how your program would address the problem. “But what if there was a solution to this issue…..?

• Theoretical Foundation of Program: Select a theory that would be the basis for the program and integrate core concepts of the theory into your explanation of the theoretical foundation of the program/agency. Explain the rationale for your selection and the relevance of the theory to practice. Another option is to show how you are using another existing program as a model for your program and the efficacy of that mode program.

• Trends. Explain the trends in society that add to the problem or can help in the solution (or both).

• Strengths/Weaknesses. Explain the inherent strengths of the program design and the community elements that help the program. Also address the areas that the program needs in terms of support and development.

• Opportunity and Threats. Describe the opportunities that this program has (such as backing by the main organization or a government entity) and threats to its success (like funding or public opinion).

• Program Evaluation: Describe your program evaluation plans. Include the rationale and specific plans for formative and summative evaluation such as specific measures you would use at the micro and macro levels (e.g., for micro: changes in client’s behavior; for macro: how the agency will report outcome measures to the funding agency).

Define what way your program evaluation plan is consistent with the mission, objectives, theory, and practice model of the agency. From your program goals (listed on page 6 or 7 of the syllabus) select three goals and share insights regarding why you feel that these three goals will be most helpful to you within your future career.

• Conclusion. This could be appeal to your audience.

(Needs Assessment Assignment can be a team assignment if the class has 12 or more students.)

The presentation can be done with the speaker’s notes or be recorded.

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