Postpartum depression in african american women i need a paper


PostPartum Depression in African American Women

I need a paper written on POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION IN AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN. Paper needs to be in APA format, with an abstract. I will provide all ARTICLES. Please DO NOT use outside articles. ALL articles used will be ATTACHED do not use outside articles. I DO not need a Title page. Please remember to use Citation when you are using numbers and direct quotes. I need to be able to go back and reference. I want there to be percentage included in paper, there is no way around that.

Paper to include

i need to see these sub title on your paper 


Define Postpartum Depression

Effect on Maternal and Infant Bonding

Low income Status

Postpartum screening


only use these provided references 

  1. Beeghly, M., Olson, K. L., Weinberg, M. K., Pierre, S. C., Downey, N., & Tronick, E. Z. (2003). Prevalence, stability, and socio-demographic correlates of depressive symptoms in Black mothers during the first 18 months postpartum. Maternal and child health journal7(3), 157-168.
  2. Verbiest, S., Bonzon, E., & Handler, A. (2016). Postpartum health and wellness: A call for quality woman-centered care. Maternal and child health journal20(1), 1-7.
  3. Jones, I. (2017). Post-partum depression—a glimpse of light in the darkness?. The Lancet390(10093), 434-435.
  4. Dolbier, C. L., Rush, T. E., Sahadeo, L. S., Shaffer, M. L., Thorp, J., & Community Child Health Network Investigators. (2013). Relationships of race and socioeconomic status to postpartum depressive symptoms in rural African American and non-Hispanic white women. Maternal and child health journal17(7), 1277-1287.



Please only use article I have attached

Use citation in parenthesis

Please include number/percentage and cite info…I need to be able to reference

Also Ii do not want A TITLE PAGE

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