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 My Wildlife Management Plan is to reintroduce Elk to the Great Smokey Mountains


Congratulations! Your draft wildlife management plan was met with substantial approval among colleagues and you have been asked to present your plan in a late-breaking poster1 session at the Ecological Society of America2 conference! Your task is to break down your wildlife management plan that you have been developing throughout the course into a visually appealing poster, which can be designed in Microsoft Office3 PowerPoint. If you have never built a poster before, be sure to look into some of the tips and tools out across the web. Here is a selection to get you started, but do not limit yourself:

  • Cornell Center for Materials Research. (n.d.). Scientific poster design: How to keep your poster from resembling an “abstract painting.”
  • NYU Libraries. (n.d.). How to create a research poster: Poster basics.
  • University of Texas at Austin. (n.d.). Guide to creating research posters.
  • Zielinska, E. (2011, September 1). Poster perfect. The Scientist: Exploring Life, Inspiring Innovation.

The poster should present the species background, management strategies, and scientific basis. The poster should be visually appealing and clearly convey your ideas. A good rule of thumb for how much information needs to be included is that it should take you approximately 5 minutes to read the information on the poster. Do not simply paste in sections of the plan or whole paragraphs of text, but create a tool to deliver your ideas to the audience (hint–bullet points work well). Do not forget to include a reference section and in-text citations. The reference sections must be on your actual poster, but you can use small text and place it in the corner. Remember that your target audience is the professional scientific community, and they want to know the science behind your work!

Please name your file LastName_341A3

1A poster is a single page generally 5 feet wide by 4 feet tall. To change the slide size in PowerPoint, follow these instructions. Assignments that contain 2 or more pages/slides will not be accepted.2This means your audience is scientists in your field.3All students have access to Microsoft Office as a free download. This is available to students in the APUS Library. Search for the section on Technology.


CategoryPointsQuality of Information and Material Presented – supported by maps, figures, and/or illustrations25Management Plan Specifics – incorporation of course terms and concepts25Organization and Layout – logical order, readable, visually pleasing25Literature Cited Section – use of varied sources from scholarly resources (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles)

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