Position paper: government size | Operations Management homework help


You will assemble the basic understanding of the managerial economic issues you have learned thus far to critically evaluate the function and appropriate size of the government as well as the economic effects on businesses. You will build skills in seeking out relevant and quality data, combine and analyze the information you gather, then formulate a coherent position based on researched evidence. This assignment also requires you to clearly communicate in a written format by using the general education skills of critical thinking, communication, and information literacy.


This assignment requires you to write a position paper using the classical argument structure

The topic/question you need to address is,

· “What size of government is appropriate for America, and what are the economic effects the government will have on business?” Some issues that should be included in your paper include the role of government in American life, what is meant by the size of government, how the government is connected to its budget and businesses, and the purposes or outcomes of government. Also include concepts such as cost analysis, production analysis and demand analysis.


You will write an APA style position paper (800 – 1000 words). Write your paper using the classical argument structure which can be found in the attachment section. Your paper must not exceed the word count requirement and should reflect college-level scholarly writing.

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