Position 02: an example of how architecture could change the world

An Example of How Architecture Can Change the World…..


“Having said that, buildings need to be designed with the mindset that it will last a long time so not only do the spaces need to remain flexible for changes and inspirational to future generations, materials should be carefully considered for durability, and not contain harmful materials to human and the environment. Materials without toxins will enable us to reuse or recycle the building materials in the case that the building has outlived its useful life. We can further reduce our building embodied carbon footprint by “right-sizing” our structures. American have the largest average homes in the world. With the average size of 2,164 square feet, they’re 2.5 times bigger. than a home in Sweden (893 square feet) and U.K. (818 square feet). Architects should definitely help their clients imagine smaller but more efficient spaces. Adaptive reuse of our building, recycling toxin-free materials and right-sizing our structures are ways architects can help reduce the industry’s energy use, as extracting material from our finite amount of resources has serious climate change consequences” Gladys Ly-Au Young, Principal at SKL Architects (Seattle, Washington)

See the attachment below at Position 02 and the criteria in the screenshot

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