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Section #1: PBS Untold Stories Project


View the video segment, read the PDF file, and complete the study guide for each of the Untold Stories on African Americans, Native Americans, and Japanese Americans. 


Note that the study guides can be used as reference material for the exam.  You DO NOT have to turn in the study guides.  This will be the only online assignment that will also require information for an exam.


Respond to each of the essay questions below:


Yosemite Buffalo Soldiers

1.  African American tourists comprise less than one percent of the visitation to Yosemite National Park.  Shelton Johnson has made it his life’s work to connect the general African American population to the national parks.  Present ideas that you have that would result in the national parks being more attractive to African Americans as a tourism destination.


Mount Rushmore, Telling America’s Stories

2.  Gerard Baker is the first American Indian to be Superintendent of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  Discuss your thoughts on the inclusion of American Indian history and culture, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  In other words, to what extent should Native American history be interpreted in our national parks?  What, specifically, should tourists be exposed to in terms of Native American history?


Manzanar, Never Again 

3.  How should our country at war balance our citizens’ civil liberties and the need for national security?  What relevance does this period of history have in our world today (think 9/11)?  How does the fact that our country established a national site to honor a difficult period in our past reflect on us as a nation?  What is it that tourists should learn about when they visit Manzanar?


Length: Three pages


Section #2:  Codes of Cultural Behavior


Choice of Country

  1. Choose a destination (one country) anywhere in the world.  To begin this section, explain why you chose this particular country.


Brief Cultural Overview

  1. Provide a brief cultural overview of the country to include historical background, language, religious beliefs, and other information you believe is pertinent. Provide references cited in parentheses by title only, immediately after the information presented.  For example:  (CountryWatch)


Codes of Cultural Behavior

  1. Conduct additional research on the codes of cultural behavior in the country.  Provide information on cultural “Dos” and “Don’ts” for tourists to the country.  Analyze at least five “Dos” and five “Don’ts” which document the codes of cultural behavior in the country that will assist tourists in avoiding conflict with the cultural values of the hosts.  Again, discuss (not just list) the “Dos” and “Don’ts” as a major component of this assignment.  After each of the “Dos” and “Don’ts” make certain that you provide the reference cited.  The references may appear by title only, in parentheses, after each listing.  For example: (CountryWatch)


Unusual Aspects of Culture

  1. Explain which of the “Dos” and which of the “Don’ts” seem most unusual to you and might contribute to your unease in the country you chose.


You must have a minimum of two online resources and two library reference works.  Do not cut and paste material from the online resources.  You must report the information in your own words.  The Turnitin system detects direct plagiarism.  Again, a total of at least four sources must be used.  List these under the heading “References” at the end of this section.  It is not necessary, in this class, to provide the full citation (since it will be easier for you this way and I’m already familiar with all the reference works).  Note:  Use only credible online sources.  Do not use Wikipedia.  The more reference material you refer to, the higher quality your response will be, and will result in higher points.


I encourage you to go to the University library to complete this assignment where you will find all of the traditional reference works.  The librarians are happy to assist you with this.  Also, if you have any trouble with the online resources the librarians can provide help with that too.


Length:  Five pages



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