Please prepare an extended outlines for bioinformatic class’ project.

I am attaching here a guideline in a word file, this guideline in the word file is from my professors, which also talks about the presentation, please disregard the presentation part, this time I am only supposed to make a 2-page outline (not more than 2 pages). And the topic I have picked is “Gut Microbiota and Bioinformatics”. I have also attached 4 primary papers for your convenience but if you like you can pick another primary paper on the same topic. But make sure the papers you have picked be Primary research papers only and on same topic.

Also, eventhough these papers talk more about Gut microbiota, you have to make these project outline by keping bioinformatics and its tools in mind, since this project is for Bioinformatics class.

Note: This topic mainly focuses on bioinformatics tools and the biological topic/field will be Gut Microbiota. 


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