Place & price analysis – peloton


Create a place analysis  for the company Peloton in which you do the following:

  • Accurately identify all areas where the product or service is sold.
  • Accurately analyze the chosen product or service’s distribution channels.
    • How are they getting their product to market?
    • Which distribution strategies are being used to effectively create a competitive advantage?
  • Provide an analysis of the place strategies and their effect on business success.
    • Describe how the distribution decisions affect the other Ps in the marketing mix.
    • What recommendations can you make in terms of distribution decisions that may improve business success?

Create a price analysis in which you do the following:

  • Accurately analyze the pricing system along with its characteristics and effect on the marketing mix.
    • Which pricing strategy does the company use, and how does it compare to similar products in the product category?
  • Analyze the pricing strategy’s impact on the economic success of the company?
    • Describe the effect of the pricing strategy on the overall success of the company.

In both analyses:

  • Cite any resources you use.
  • Be sure your analyses present a focused purpose through strong organizational skills. Also be sure they presents evidence through strong paraphrasing/summarizing and appropriate tone and sentence structure.


  • Written communication: Communication should be clear and well organized, and support a central idea, with no technical writing errors, as expected of a business professional.
  • References: References and citations are formatted in a consistent style, with a preference for using APA Style and Formatting.
  • Number of resources: Use a minimum of three scholarly resources related to the content of the assessment.
  • Length of paper: Approximately 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages, in addition to the title and references pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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